About The Park

Hello,  Welcome to Howell Park Arboretum and Butterfly Garden!  Howell Park is a lush, spacious botanical oasis located in the quaint hamlet of Bremen, Ohio and the only park of its kind in Fairfield County, Ohio!  Howell Park, dedicated to the memory of Jack Howell, carries on the tradition set forth by Dr. Frank Strayer,  a nineteenth-century physician, civic leader, and all around fascinating historical figure.  Dr. Strayer, a man clearly ahead of his time, was a staunch advocate for decent roads, sidewalks, and of course, the planting of trees.  He once remarked, “Trees should provide fruit and shade for travelers.”  As a direct result, the park is a foraging park that includes a large number of edible plants.

Because we are the only park within Bremen, we cater to a variety of interests and offer baseball diamonds, a basketball court, tennis court, horseshoe court, play area, frisbee golf, cornhole, shelter house, a meandering walking path, butterfly garden,  arboretum, and numerous quiet niches to relax, chat, read, or simply dream the day away!


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